Single reason - men and women "do not"
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Single reason - men and women "do not"

The man said:

1, diamond bachelor, what urgent
2, do not open eyes to listen to her nag.
3, to play overnight mahjong nobody will bother
4, to continue single, girlfriend will not become "Huang Lian Po"
5, do not have to accompany my wife to go to the market to pick a bargain
6, one fed the whole family hungry
7, I have so much money to get married
8, do not gallant to the wife's mother
9, are not afraid of a cuckold
10, not the henpecked near on the money
11, every day, go home the soup, it is very warm, but at the cost of also big, ah, to surrender the   freedom.
12, improper others long-term meal ticket

The woman said:

1, one day I did not marry him on the day not neglect
2, the boss does not like a married female staff
3, do not want to be called "Mrs.", I still prefer people call me "Miss"
4, I'm afraid to have children
5, there are a lot of boys to let me pick what urgent
6, end up married woman = discounted items
7, I love talking on the phone with him, married no passion burning
8, I have a blooming good, so that a person picked, we do not promise
9, he is not an ideal object, but he is better than none, and married on a free
10, do not worry about someone else's ex-wife
11, the pregnancy is more than ugly.

The men and women together:

1 do not want to be stuck
2, there is no housework disputes
3, can never fall in love, do not have daily necessities
4, Without families to earn the number of how much
5, I love freedom, you can retreat into, could not be better
6, do not quarrel for her children's education
7, Does not grab the remote control for watching football or series
8, crazy foaming without warning in the next phone bills this month ... "
9, regardless of income, a single is always "aristocratic"
10, do not have to go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs to do the tedious formalities of marriage
11, do not want to do someone else's obligation to cooks and cleaners
12, free, arbitrary
13, are not afraid of a Third Party
14, the economic crisis is worsening, do not support the family not to worry about
15 midnight, will not be awakened by the crying of babies
16, have been telling yourself, you still have the opportunity to choose
17, do not have to painstakingly get up early to serve children
18, lazy, married likes.
19, the friends do not have to pay for my "red ticket" package
20, to save the future divorce
21, the boss should pay cut, I am paying the money is not enough tweed
22, do not smile at the wedding was the cheek pain
23, simply for their own "bill"
24, I finally divorce enough to enjoy a single, fun to say
25, not into the graveyard of love.

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