Saturday, August 18, 2012 • 4:00 AM • 0 comments

I'm really sorry bii.
I know I'm wrong.
You don't care but I so care about it.
Because I already promise it.
And I willing to do it.
Sorry that I give the feel that you din hope.
Sorry that I not enough good to you.
When you say those,
 I think I already do lot big mistake.

Sorry that I din't treat you as good.
I scare you fed up,
I scare you will leave me,
I scare you will forget me,
I scare you won't be the same.
Everyday every hour every minute every second,

You always in my mind,
Keep miss you non stop.

I try to make you happy,
But I fail to do so.
Every time I just make you sad of it.

I'm really a bad guy.

The Mastermind , YewJin

Monday, August 13, 2012 • 2:09 AM • 0 comments

“If you‘re mine,
You’re only mine,
I don’t like 

Everyone has their 
own reason for 
waking up in the 

Mine is YOU♥"

Those two words make me
 feel nice every day,
Every time that I miss her,
 I will take out and look at it,
Then smile comes along,
and I looks like “sha guo” 
if got recorded by cam...Haha
She makes my life so
beautiful, wonderful
and happiness.

The word that she wrote as cute as her… ^^
Actually she pattern a lot, 
but nowadays look like I more pattern than her.. LOL
Maybe infected by her.
She treat me good, 
I can feel it.
Sometimes I know she cares, 
sometimes I don’t know…
Cause she always keep something sad inside,
And always share happiness with me.

Yeah, my sense is telling that 
SHE is the one I’m finding. 

The Mastermind , YewJin

Monday, July 30, 2012 • 6:49 PM • 0 comments

Suddenly I feel that,
Who am I to you?
What am I means to you?
And I just want to know everything from your mouth and mind.
But I will respect answer that what you given.
I still got an unknown answer from you,
Why you love me?
But you still decided to answer,
I guess I know something,
I know you need time.
Hope you don’t hurt my feeling.
Am I just a substitute from your past EX.?
Can I be myself?
I don’t like to be a clone person.
What can I do for you?
Everything always pop out from my mind,
And tears come along.
Does God give me a test?
I think this test really challenging.
I don’t blame you, I just blame myself.
Every times I feel down, I will sleep.
Because I think sleep can erase the sad memory.
But I’m wrong, it won’t erase by self unless you forget it.
But that’s the best way to black out a moment.
Can’t be erase but still can calm by little bit.

The Mastermind , YewJin


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