Meanings Behind College Students That Din't Love
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Don't say that men and women did not maintain a 

single taste, and not mention that universities have 

love boring, a celebrity once said, "when 

universities din fall in love , regret for four years, 

college love, will regret it forever." Student, the 

greatest exposure to people around the same age, so 

the values are similar, thinking in the future have a 

good job, have a good lover. That is almost ideal, so 

two people will be very happy together, it is easy to 

come together. The love will affect learning, because 

while facilitating role, but also have negative 


However, when after graduation, as a result of the 

need, or need to PubMed, the two must be separated 

long. Even before the separation promises, but the 

opportunity to meet the future will be very small. 

Don't say that you will stick to love, in business 

under the pressure of distractions if you can not 

make themselves better. Low in your career when 

you are one that helped people tend to make you feel 

grateful, you will find that this person is your most 

important person in life. And you that love that 

person, you love to hate, you will lose a good friend.

So, now if anyone wants to contact you, it is 

estimated a fancy to the recent interest (both in a 

sense, not so much worry about) and not to look 

beyond the next person. After all, love would have 

more or less money, and money to all the parents for 

living expenses, you are still not making money, not 

their cause, what it can spend money? In a sense, 

are parents to help you fall in love, not at all on its 

own to pursue his love.

Lover not a random finding, because in not fully 

understand each other before the other can be 

changed in order to attract your own being, and 

once you fully understand each other, the break up 

within sight. So love is soon fell in love with each 

other very well-known come together naturally 

after, even without confession. Don't think that the 

other person good to be compromised, not the love 

of all good people, you have to make plans for the 

future of love.

If you encounter a girl you love, and you feel she 

likes you, most people are a direct contact to start. 

Consequences of doing so may be said before the 

final loss of a beloved person. You may be concerned 

about the name of a friend, she still keep in touch 

after graduation, then for her hard work. When you 

have success in their careers to look after her, if she 

is still waiting for you at this time shows that you're 

not wrong people. Girl, a boy if he liked you free, 

then he would soon like after someone else's. Late to 

love, they will not go too early. We do not need to 

rely on romance to mature.

In the school of love are ignorant of love in society 

may be on purpose, only the face of adversity still go 

on love is eternal. Love is not and one of the most 

suitable people together, but met a person more 

suited to their own, able to keep their loved ones on 

the commitments made. Love is not two eyes on the 

TV, but the two people looked at in the same 

direction. (Who said this sentence is brilliant too ... 

... now!) Online "love you, for you do these things", 

it seems very moving, this is because most people do 

not love. Love is not a trend, you need to have their 

own views, in your ideal lover does not appear when 

you choose to have perseverance has been single, 

and not to find alternatives. When you do, the 

online transfer of those things you love is another 

basic and simple.

Boys, in love, do not hold the idea of breaking up is 

not suitable, we must carefully consider carefully 

girlfriend is your future wife, married just more 

than a useless paper only, not for love, marriage 

plus the lock, true love never does not require any 

constraints. Once you choose love, we must have a 

sense of responsibility, you son for your parents, 

your wife's husband, the child's father is responsible 

for your future!

Single and there's nothing wrong, you can still care 

about the person you like, so you can make the 

public feel that you are a good friend (love this 

sentence, ha ha, finally no guilt a); and people in 

love, concern for others will lead to jealousy, from 

the concept of love of love that is not enough loyalty, 

but you do not care about other people also lost a lot 

of friendship, if you broke up, they throw good 

money after bad. So now single, not to say that you 

do not aspire to love, but to prove you a fool of her 


An excellent description of this man who single good 

enough, then a good description of this man who 

freely love the surface of it is just excellent, really 

want them good, that is, care about each other 

silently in the background. The best promise not 

love you a thousand years, but do not need 

promises. Although a love break up is another re-

start, but love only once each time a person in love 

is the most yearning for love, but fail, unforgettable.

The Mastermind , YewJin


안녕, I’m the mastermind of the site♠I’m Yew Jin or Jin for more familiar people. I love music and basketball. I don’t bite so feel free to ask me anything. Oh Yeah, Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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