The Reason Why I Din Have GF~
Sunday, September 25, 2011 • 12:11 PM • 0 comments

I always say to look for true love, 

but I never cherish the love of others.

I want to have a girlfriend, 

but want to enjoy the single.

I need someone to accompany lonely time,

but when the desire for freedom is not interference.

I need space,

I need freedom,

I don want be control,

If you can love me back,

I just need 3 things from you,

I need trust,

I need love,

I need loyalty.

And Don Betray Me~

The Mastermind , YewJin


안녕, I’m the mastermind of the site♠I’m Yew Jin or Jin for more familiar people. I love music and basketball. I don’t bite so feel free to ask me anything. Oh Yeah, Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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