Preparation For Presentation
Thursday, August 04, 2011 • 8:01 PM • 0 comments

   It was the first time that I had to prepare for the presentation in tertiary school level....
  After long discussion, I with my teammates have chosen the title about National Service - PLKN.
   We find this article from the news website and we started do it at 8.00P.M till burn the midnight oil.
So I am the designer for the slide of power point, and I make it till so stress and tired. My leader din worry about it, and he try his new games. Then I forced myself to complete the 32 slides in that night. After a limit of my work, I mention that " Wei Tang , CT Please~! Game later I will play with you” Then he give out command and separate our work which is in 4 parts. So I feel my work lighten a bit as they started doing their own parts. Almost 1A.M, I combined all the parts that taken from my teammates and complete it with total 32 slides for the presentation stuff. Finished combined all the slides and rearranged it, corrected the error, I feel so tired.
Then we started playing games which is "Unreal Tournament”. We play this game and doesn't realize that oh my god 2.30 already. So we pack all the things and back homes.
   On the Wednesday after finish mechanics extra lecture class, I went to McD for dinner with my teammates. While we had dinner, ops we stuck inside McD because raining heavily. So we wasted 4hours while waiting the rain stopped and back to leader house for continued practiced our speaking. Around 3AM likes that I just go on bed and didn’t sleep well. On the next morning, I feel that I din really prepared well and I went to campus like a   zombie style...woohoo~ tired...
During the presentation, my hand was trembling and my mouth too. I thought that my presentation will affected my teammates as I feel that I din present as well as I practice.
   After finish presentation, MISS AMUTHA came out and give comment. When she say" your team totally present well and suitable in article" Phew~ SAVE~ Can have a nice rest.

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