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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 • 1:54 AM • 2 comments

The structure of Malaysian university's studies are just like the American's system where we always have tutorials, tests, final exam and assignments. Every time we walked into the class , we have to be well prepared etc printing the notes and exercises  because during the lecture or tutorial class those lecturer or tutors will ask you to answer or come out to solve the questions. 

Came to this new life, everything need to be starting from the beginning. Try to makes new friend and bla bla bla...
Its quite fun and enjoy, apart from sweet homes it will train myself to be more independent. Haha, what is independent means?? 
My room was so messy~

My study place, surfing web and having meal was on the same table

This was my breakfast milo+oat and the snacks for during watch movie and reading notes

Opsss......raining outside
But i like this cool weather, because around this campus location was too hot. 

Yiaksss~  so many paper pasted on wall...^^ 

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